We are only humans.

We are only humans. Every one of us the same, yet totally different. We are different because every human lives in a personal chaos. A chaos of consciousness. The world is too much to understand and even the little we do is often more complicated. We are but apelike beings, who occurred on this planet many years ago. Our existence is wholly remarkable: we are, to our knowledge, the most advanced life form in the universe. What a unique struggle it has been, to become awake and conscious in a Universe of dust and vacuum. The Universe is mostly nothing, just black space. What IS, is its opposite: everything. Humans are just a mere part of that everything; we are distinct from nothing. But we are special in that we can reflect back on ourselves as objects in space. We understand; we can place meaning on the universe; our life has meaning, to us.

But what folly is it to assume that we are able to see the universe, understand the universe, or understand our place in it? We cannot assume that, despite our being aware of ourselves, we are any more consequential, effective, purposeful, or capable than any other entity in the universe: than anything that is a part of everything and distinct from nothing. From stars and comets to the lowliest of lifeforms – all operate in a simple rhythm: movement, rest, struggle, life, death – all things come easily to each entity. Only humans, and other “beings” that are alive, conscious, and aware of themselves as an object in space, are able to dislodge their rhythm: to reflect on, to judge, and to interpret their rhythm. Chaos always ensues. Even the “right” decision brings chaos, for it is consciousness itself that is a chaos in an otherwise silent universe. Where there is no need of understanding, or meaning, only existence persists.

How strange it is that human beings are able to imagine the possibility of not existing. The possibility of there being no universe, no forces in motion, no life. A pure negativity. Blackness in totality. “What came before the universe?” or “Why something, instead of nothing?” must be uniquely ‘alive’ questions – made possible only by consciousness. The universe understands nothing; it is moving, and energetic but is eternally unmoved by the possibility of human thoughts. The idea that life is absurd is already a foolish question! Life is only absurd to consciousness; the absurdity does not lie in the customs and rituals of life, but in the very chaos of awareness. Absurdity is as ‘true’ as order, it is reflection itself that creates the problems; the solutions too are mere complexes of the conscious ape.

We are nothing but mere specks of the alive. The highest amongst the animals, the lowest and most chaotic in existence. When we lie with a partner, we whisper sweet words; we buy into sweet things. We hope to bond and melt and meld and blend with our companion. Yet we know not the wild forces behind all that drives us. We speak of romance, and love, and compassion, but we know only one thing: how to be human. Humans think a lot, we know a lot, but we do not understand ourselves, or our role, our purpose. Everything returns to the paradox of nothing and everything. We are foolishly clawing our way in a universe that is full of distance and dark and silence. We shout loudly, we dress up brightly, we light fires and chart the skies, but our voices, and lights and charms extend nowhere beyond the atmosphere. The Universe does not notice us and nor could it: such is its peace. Humans notice: such is our chaos.


Lao Tzu – Dao De Ching

Wang Bi- On the Dao De Ching

Friedrich Nietzsche – On Truth and Lies in a non-moral sense.


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